Friday, July 18, 2008

I did it!

I finally did it! I finally was able to witness out of the blue to someone I have known for a very short time. I was terrified inside. But they were so sad, and so lonely, and the words they used were /exactly/ the words I had used before I was saved.

They talked about how horrible humans are. They spoke of the trouble in the world and how the only thing they could count on was their dog. The words they used could have been mine 2 years ago. The loneliness that they were feeling is a wretched place to be.

I was afraid to speak about the Love of Christ because I was sure that they would laugh, that they would not want to talk to me again. But then it occurred to me that they were worth the risk. If the best I could do was manage to plant one tiny seed God could use it and make it grow. And even if they thought I was a nut or never spoke to me again, it would be worth it.

And much to my surprise they were receptive. They received the message of the love of Christ gratefully. They want to talk about it again sometime. Hallelujah! (I never used that word before, but it's the only one that fits the way I'm feeling right now!)

And I'm sorry I'm gushing! I don' t mean to be a braggart or anything! It's just that I've missed so many opportunities because of my own personal fear! And I know it wasn't me! It was the Holy Spirit!

So I'm sitting here praising God for using me! Thank you Lord for giving me courage and the words to say. Thank you for putting me in that initially uncomfortable position so that I could do your work here on earth, it's filled me with such joy. Thank you for keeping me from being so overly zealous that I frightened them. Thank you Jesus for letting me serve you in this way! I've prayed for courage and the chance to do it, and this time I didn't blow it! Thank you God for leading me down this path!

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