Friday, July 18, 2008

Everyone is so perfect around here... but ME!

Second in the series Practical Christianity 101

You will sometime soon have this misconception: "Everyone here in this Church is perfect but ME!"

Wrong. Everyone in your Church is a human being, and everyone in your church has problems and troubles just like the rest of us. We all live with varying degrees of transparency and just because they all 'look' together doesn't mean they 'are' together.

Every single one of them including your Pastors is a sinner. Every one of them faces temptation, feels avarice, becomes greedy, or suffers from any number of sins every single day. They are human beings just like we are, and sometimes they fail. Every single one of them needs the love and forgiveness that only Jesus can provide.

If there is any difference between them and you it's just that those who have been walking with Christ for the longest know that they MUST depend on Jesus. Then fully understand that they can not do it themselves.

That's a hard concept to wrap your head around, but it's true. They have known this fact longer so they are better at leaning on the Lord. And they also are privileged to have lived longer with the knowledge that no matter what they do Jesus will forgive them.

So no, no one in your Church is perfect except the person of the Holy Spirit, and he's come to make us all clean.

NOTE: If there are people in your Church who purport that they /are/ perfect then you are in the wrong Church. Find one where the Holy Spirit lives and you'll find a Church full of humble servants of the Lord! That's where you want to be.

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