Thursday, July 17, 2008

168 Pin Dimm

I needed some. Our IT department is on a very tight budget, and I pride myself in making donated machines work.

I have a nice little machine that was given to us, nothing at all wrong with it, it is perfectly capable of running Firefox to use Google Apps, and it has an old but decent networking card for our server. Smallish hard drive but that didn't matter. Except it had 64 megs of Ram. Ouch. 168 pin SDram. Double Ouch.

Tigerdirect had it Centron 168-pin 256MB PC133 SDRAM for 30 bucks. Plus shipping. I wasn't ready to spend that much, for a donated machine.

So I checked Ebay. I was reluctant, because you are never certain about what you're getting until you get it, and I was spending the Churches money.

I found MostMoe - the man with the memory, and he's got a Computer Memory Market online too.

I got 512 Megs of SCRAM for 25 bucks and free shipping. I paid via PayPal, and I had the ram in 2 days.

If you are in need of older ram you might wanna give his store a look!

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