Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google Voice Transcriptions are Funny!

This is a transcription of a voice message that I got from the Courtney Howe who works for the Gold Team at Dell Computer. I got a great belly laugh out of it this morning.

"Sadie. How's it going. This is court airport Fudgesicle from dell computer, the following up on the closings at the OJ your last week see if you got the go ahead on those quotes yet. If you could please give us call back and give us update. We can be reached at (512) XXX-XXXX, once again, that number is (512) XXX-XXXX. We look forward to hear from you. Thanks for my safety. You will be, or you call them out another one or do you want me to work on this. The remote this."

Mr. Fudgesicle seems to fear me. I must be a lot scarier than I ever thought!

I LOVE Google Voice btw. They email you a .wav file, which is ever so handy. I"m glad I don't have to depend on the transcriptions. And it did transcribe the phone numbers correctly!