Friday, July 18, 2008

Has Remember the Milk curdled?

(Disclaimer: Highly frustrated techie about to blow off steam.)

We made the switch to Google Apps and everything was so snazzy - until Remember the Milk started acting up.

It does not always put your email into the task bar when you star it (If you have that option set) and sometimes the Task List disappears from your Gmail page altogether.

My Pastors need task lists!

Does anyone else have a mobile solution for a task list. I actually found one that while being awfully 'cute' looking did the job but it's name is Voo2do and it has a picture of a Voodoo doll at the top. O.O WOT??!?!?!

And as funny as it might be in the moment, I can't advise that we use that instead... (ahem)

So anyone else have any other suggestions or solutions? I would love it if Remember the Milk was working properly but they are having plenty of issues that they seem to be ignoring because none of it is covered on their Blog at all.

I wish Google would just up and buy RTM, and make it work.

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Stuart said...

As remember the milk is a web 2.0 app, try taking a look at: and browse to your hearts content.