Friday, September 3, 2010

Arise! Anxiety and Depression Support Group

I am privileged to announce that I will be helping to host an Anxiety and Depression Support Group starting this month in conjunction with the Network of Hope and Allison Park Church Group Events.

STARTING:  September 21, 2010
WHAT:          Arise! Anxiety and Depression Support Group
WHO:            Women of all ages
WHEN:           First and Third Tuesday of every Month at 7pm
WHERE:         Allison Park Church
Free Child Care Provided up to 5th Grade!

You can learn more about the group here:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google Voice Transcriptions are Funny!

This is a transcription of a voice message that I got from the Courtney Howe who works for the Gold Team at Dell Computer. I got a great belly laugh out of it this morning.

"Sadie. How's it going. This is court airport Fudgesicle from dell computer, the following up on the closings at the OJ your last week see if you got the go ahead on those quotes yet. If you could please give us call back and give us update. We can be reached at (512) XXX-XXXX, once again, that number is (512) XXX-XXXX. We look forward to hear from you. Thanks for my safety. You will be, or you call them out another one or do you want me to work on this. The remote this."

Mr. Fudgesicle seems to fear me. I must be a lot scarier than I ever thought!

I LOVE Google Voice btw. They email you a .wav file, which is ever so handy. I"m glad I don't have to depend on the transcriptions. And it did transcribe the phone numbers correctly!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Everyone should be using SpiceWorks. Not only is it incredible Network Management Software, intuitive, and easy to use, but it's also FREE.

The hardware/software inventory aspect of SpiceWorks would be enough for me to encourage everyone to use it, but there is so much more to this free configurable piece of software that I'd have to write a very long article to describe all its benefits. In addition there are community written modules that can be installed and incorporated further personalizing the software.

And the SpiceWorks community is one of the best that I've ever seen online- now we number more than one million strong. There you will find expertise in every aspect of our work in IT - and many are more than willing to share that expertise within the community.

Honestly you can't beat SpiceWorks for Software/Hardware/Licensing/Help Desk Ticket management. And the price tag is amazing: Free.

Monday, May 17, 2010


A beautiful Christian woman with a heart for our Lord sent me an email today. I love her so much!! She was understandably shocked to hear that a movie was coming out depicting Christ and the Disciples as homosexuals. Now the rumor about the movie is false, but there is in fact a play about just this subject called 'Corpus Christi' or the body of Christ.

I do not believe that we should be afraid of this kind of thing. Our Lord isn't. There will always be those who want to mock and deride our beliefs.

Before I was saved I used to get a great kick out of mocking and deriding Christians. Our Lord has forgiven me for that, and I hope you all will too. But that was the enemy talking - I was his child at that point. And the plain and simple truth about that is this: Christians scared the heck out of me!!! Even if they were at times hypocrites somewhere in my deepest heart of hearts I knew that they knew the truth!! So I railed against them, I made fun of them - because it made me feel better on the surface. But deep down I was afraid because all that I was - a sinner living in darkness - would disappear if I dared to believe the truth, and stepped into the light. And I knew I was not worthy of that.

Did you ever wonder why normally opened minded people who respectfully acknowledge all other religions will rant and rave about Christianity? I believe it's because somewhere deep within they recognize the truth and their sinful nature rebels against it.

It was not someone waving a bible at me that showed me the truth. I had seem those people, and I wanted to avoid them at all costs because they made me so nervous. Or if I was in an ornery mood I'd try to engage them in a philosophical conversation with the goal of making them look like a fool.

It was not arguments that made me grasp the truth. It was love that let me slowly open my frightened eyes little by little and to finally see the light and regain my own life! Two people who owed me nothing, who didn't even know me asked me about my beliefs, and told me the story of theirs. And when faced with that kind of unconditional love I could not help but know it was true!!!

I try to remember that when stuff like this happens. The first time I read about this play it ticked me off. I mean honestly, how dare they portray my Savior that way? But then I remembered that the people doing the mocking are actually afraid.

And here is the best news of all: Jesus is using that, using that play to bring that fear to the surface. He's priming them to accept the truth. He is using it for their good. :) I know it.

So we don't have to be afraid about this kind of thing. THEY are afraid. Maybe we can lovingly help them see the truth.

Just my opinion - as always your mileage may vary.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

But I always knew that...

The vid above certainly shows a good use of that particular piece of technology.

I know those angry barks: "Where is the multi-tasking, and USB port? No flash???"

Monday, March 15, 2010

25 years of radical change

The news is all atwitter because .com names came into existence 25 years ago today. But it wasn't until 5 years later in 1990 that Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web – the only 'internet' that most people know – and made those .com names useful.

I remember seeing my first graphical web page at that time – a friend of mine at college had put up a little page about his department and had scandalously included his photograph. I was horrified, and the first words out of my mouth were, “this will never catch on.” Boy was I wrong.

At that time 'my' internet was a world of safe, opaque text. I'd have never dreamed of putting my photograph up on a web page for potentially anyone in the world to see. That thought frightened me because sharing something so personal with people I did not know seemed fundamentally wrong. But these days not it's not unusual for people to share much more than that on social networking sites.

I lecture my daughter weekly about the dangers of sharing too much on the 'net. She thinks I'm an old fogey.

But the W3 has changed us forever in many ways, particularly in the way we view privacy. We have gone from a people who jealously guarded our privacy and defended confidentiality to a people that no longer really even seem to understand those concepts. I consider that from time to time, and I don't really like it. I guess I am the old fogey that my daughter thinks I am.

Monday, March 1, 2010


At least someone enjoyed the snow...

Skiing in Oakland, and Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh during the Snowstorm of 2010.

It's an amazing vid!

You can see the University of Pittsburgh's Dorms in this Pic, this is up by their Physics building. Never thought anyone would ski down these stairs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Open Source Sermon Resources

Our Church Networking Group the MCM Network has 'Open Sourced' a lot of our sermon materials mostly graphics, and some video. It's good stuff!!

You can find the free resources here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Big Brother Is Watching vs Freedom and Integrity

I was shocked to learn that a school near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has been accused of cyber-spying on their students via the web cam in their Macbooks. This is a school whose district officials had bragged that they had given all 2,3000 of their high school students these laptops to "ensure that all students have 24/7 access to school-based resources."

Apparently some of those same School Officials had 24/7 access to the students as well in the form of web cam spying.

The Superintendent of the school district has since admitted that they do have the ability to spy via those web cams - in other words they can remotely activate the web cam on the sly allowing them to see a live image of whatever is going on in front of that camera as long as the computer is turned on. However the Superintendent of the School District is claiming that this 'feature' was for security purposes only - that it was to be used in case of computer theft.

Honestly, that is the lamest thing I've ever heard! Why didn't they instead keep the MAC addresses of those machines and track those electronically if the machine went missing?? I am incensed to think that anyone would believe that remote access to a web cam was good idea!! When would it EVER be okay to turn a computer that you are giving to children into a spying device that allows you to peek at them in their private quarters?

Ignorance is no excuse. I believe that most of the officials of the School District honestly believed that the spying 'feature' would never be used except in case of 'emergency' or theft. Still how could they ever approve this? Did they ever even consider how this system could be abused?

And what IT professional recommend such a thing? As IT professionals we all know that we have the ability to spy on people if we really wanted too. And some of the more deviant of us do. But for the most part folks in the IT industry are very careful to police themselves and maintain a high level of personal integrity when it comes to this kind of thing. Or maybe I'm dreaming. *sigh*

Parents only learned about the cyber-spying machines that had infiltrated their homes when an Assistant Principle called a student on the carpet for 'improper behavior' at his home.

This article from the Philadelphia News explains:

The family first learned of the embedded webcams on Nov. 11, when Harriton High's Assistant Principal Lindy Matsko reprimanded Blake Robbins for "improper behavior in his home," according to the lawsuit. Matsko cited as evidence a photograph from the webcam on the boy's school-issued laptop.

The lawsuit does not specify why the photograph was objectionable.

They were spying, in private homes!!! This should increase the blood pressure of every one of us who believes in the US Constitution and in our rights to fundamental freedoms.

And what exactly were those pictures of? That's the really frightening thing...

Honestly I am incensed over this issue and as far as I'm concern someone had better go to jail over this issue, including the IT 'pro' that set it up. It's not only wrong, it's just plain stupid.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Help Haiti

I don't normally solicit for anything but the Earth Quake in Haiti has hit close to my heart. My Church helps to support a man by the name of Hudson Michele who runs 3 schools in Haiti with 250 students and he also pastors a church of 150 people. He's a GREAT man, one who cares nothing for fame or fortune. Hudson cares about trying to meet the physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of his community.

A Pastor at my church - Andy Lehmann - went to Haiti a year and a half ago without any real plans other than the knowledge that the Holy Spirit would guide him. He flew to Santa Domingo then went over the boarder into Haiti, where he met a Haitian who was starting a little church and Christian School. Through that meeting a relationship has grown with the Haitian Pastor Hudson Michelle and my Church - Allison Park Church.

Hudson is concerned with meeting real world needs of the people of Haiti and has started 3 Christian schools with 250 students as well as pastoring a church of 150 people. In addition to giving these children an education they insure that they eat one real meal a day - which is far above the average for Haiti which is three meals a WEEK. When Andy was there the children were literally eating mud pies just to fill their empty bellies. And now with the earth quake things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Andy heard from Hudson this morning and he is fine, his home did not fall down, but we still don't know how the school and all the families and children have fared.

If you want to help in some way but worry that your money might be used for administrative things and not for feeding, clothing, and helping those honestly in need you might want to look at this web site that talks about Hudson and how you can help. Like I said I don't solicit, but I give you my solemn word that if you gave to this cause every single penny would go to Hudson who is a man of great integrity and has a heart for his suffering people. In a country such as Haiti that is filled with Government corruption it's hard to know exactly where emergency relief is going. In this case you'd know it's going to help Hudson's kids and community.

The Web site is promoting our general Haiti project that went into effect last year. The emergency relief stuff isn't there yet, so you'd want to make sure to note that your contribution is earmarked for the 'Earthquake':

Here is a video made by Brian Lippert at our Church using photo's and Video made by Pastor Andy during his trip to Haiti - this was made well before the Earthquake.

If you want more information and want to call our Pastor Andy you can reach him through the Church at 412-487-7220 x360. I'm at x350.

Thank you and please pray for Pastor Hudson and all the people of Haiti during this desperate time.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The year of seeing through Jesus' eyes

“Teach us to number our days aright,
That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
—Psalm 90:12

Pastors Jeff and Melodie Leake taught me to name each year as a symbol of what and how you want to become closer to the Lord. This year is my year of 'seeing through Jesus' eyes'.

God is truth, and to see through the eyes of our Lord is to see what is real. Only what you see through his eyes is real. All else is lies and deception.

When we see others through the eyes of Jesus we see who they are in Christ, and we can not help but love them. Everything created by our Lord is pure and wonderful. I want what the world has done to be meaningless and inconsequential - I want to see the perfection and excellence that the Lord intends in my fellow human beings.

I want to see each and every situation through the eyes of Jesus. How might I serve him, do his will upon the earth.

And lastly - and perhaps the most difficult - I want to see myself through the eyes of Jesus. This is absolutely the key to it all. If I can see myself through the eyes of Jesus I can accomplish the two goals above without effort - because that's the person I already am - in his eyes.

This past year was the "Year of Leaning Forward" into the arms of Jesus. It was a year to grow my faith, and I think I did okay. I prayed this year for better health for my daughter, and he answered that prayer by telling me to improve my own. Reluctantly I did, exercising and losing 47 lbs. When people would ask how I was able to find the motivation I said I didn't know other than the Lord told me to. But that was not the truth and I wanted to know why too. I began to pray and study exactly what was going on. I learned that the Lord was slowly revealing to me exactly who and what I am in truth. Who and what he made me to be. Who I ALREADY AM in his eyes. And WOW that revelation makes all the difference!!!!

My prayer for everyone on this planet is that we can begin to truly see who we are in Christ - who he has made us to be. Who we already are in TRUTH. What we are in this world has been warped and contaminated - but through Jesus we can come a lot closer to who we are in his eyes.

That is my goal for this year. To become ever closer to the woman that Jesus made me to be.