Friday, April 10, 2009

The Power of Jesus

I love National Public Radio. They handle news stories with a gentleness and respect that I very much admire.

Today they are running a story that is proof positive that our Lord is alive and well and living in even the most dangerous of places. The story is called Finding Jesus in America's Inner City Alleyways.

The story details an upcoming exhibit of photographic images that will be part of an exhibit in the Washington DC's National Building Museum. You can see some of these photographs at the NPR site. These photographs were taken by one man in some of the most dangerous places in America, and every one of them depicts an artists rendition of Jesus Christ.

"You don't mess around with Christ... too much," The Photographer, Camilo Jose Vergara, speaks about how Christ is still powerful force in the lives of many people who do not even consider themselves Christian. Some of the holy graffiti was placed by Priests or Pastors in the hopes of discouraging the violence in the area.

Mr. Vergara tells the story of a simple Wooden Cross placed in an empty lot in Detroit - and the old lawn chairs placed around it where people had gathered to worship. He says that his photographs prove that individual church doesn't matter, what matters is that people come to worship.

What a beautiful thought on this Good Friday.

Jesus Christ is alive and well on this day and every day, not only in the beautiful places, but also in urban decay. I am grateful for a living God. It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!!!!

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