Thursday, April 16, 2009

Green Data Center

That photograph is the Telehouse Dockland Facility - and they are doing exciting and innovative things!

I know how hot my little server room gets here at APC - and it's a shame to have to waste that energy. But greater minds than I have figured out a way to use it. They are going to put that kind of heat to work heating homes and businesses in London.

"The Greater London Authority has approved a plan in which waste heat from the $180 million Telehouse colocation facility will be used in a district heat network for the local Docklands community.

The project is expected to produce up to nine megawatts of power for the local community, and allow the 130,000 square foot Telehouse West to reduce its carbon footprint by 1,110 tons. “The energy savings will equate to boiling 3,000 kettles continuously,” the company said."
Wow!!! This is very exciting stuff! You can check out the full article here.

And you can check out Telehouse at their web site.

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kristen lorenze said...

Cindy! Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Of course you can print out the blog for your daughter to read. Feel free to do whatever with it, if it would help you.

Although I must warn you that neither of us are perfect (I am sure you knew that, lol) and we don't proclaim to be doing it "right", we just know that this is what the Lord is asking us to do in our lives. Above all, we just want to honor Him.

Justin has been the one leading throughout this entire process and I am so grateful to him for this. It's because of him and his love/passion for Jesus that we are on this path. And I agree, it's incredibly romantic, beautiful and just of the Lord. I am so grateful that it's been the way that it has been. Jesus is amazing and has provided so much for us thus far. I am excited to see what the future holds!

And I would also recommend a few books to you that you could read with your daughter about finding love in a way that honors the Lord. "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy is my favorite relationship book.

And Leslie has written some fabulous books as well on her own. "Authentic Beauty" (first) and "Set Apart Femininity" (second) are two books that I think every young woman should read. They are great to go through together as a study.

You and your daughter just sound wonderful. (!!!)Really, I'm being serious. I am so excited that you love her so very much and want to teach her about Jesus. I LOVE that you read the Bible together! Oh, I just want to hug you! I like to hug people. :)

I would love to meet you. I'm at APC about every other Sunday with Justin. We'll have to meet up in real life sometime soon!

Thanks again.