Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can't we all just be friends???!!!????!1?!!1

CAUTION: Pollyanna views ahead!

I just watched the video of Christianity Today's panel on the “emerging church” at the Christian Book Expo in Dallas — along with experts Kevin DeYoung, Tony Jones, and Scot McKnight.

I don't mean to be flippant, but that video just seemed like a very long version of one of those Macintosh vs PC commercials. The emergents of course being represented by the cool mac guy, and the more ''Orthodox” gentleman being the PC.

I was always annoyed by those commercials, because both a Mac and a PC have their place and both get the job done!!! Arguing about it means nothing to our culture other than both companies vying for a larger market share.

Why are Christians spending so much time and MONEY arguing with one another – knit picking. (As far as I can see.) I understand that to some people arguing as to whether Thomas Aquinis is fundamentally Platonic, or Aristotelian is a very important pass time. I have my own opinions, but that's all it is – an opinion. And who the heck cares if your church has pews or sofas??

Everyone should be encouraged to read the Bible and perhaps other historical and newer texts in order to develop their own view of the truth. But the only Truth that really matters is the Truth that Jesus Christ died for our sins and on the third day rose to defeat even death. And he's alive and working in each of our lives every single day.

I will never be a cool Mac. I wear glasses, need a hair cut and I'm an overweight 49 year old computer geek. But I love Jesus, with all my heart. And I strive every moment so that my words and deeds are a pleasing aroma unto my Lord and King. I often fall short, but I keep on trying.

Christians are under attack from all sides by other religions and those who profess to have no religion. Why do we have to pick each other apart too?

You can see the video here if you really want too:

And check out the picture of that panel above - every one of them looks like they are in great pain.

Oh and by the way: HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you knew that Emergents say things like "The cross of Christ is equivilent to Cosmic Child abuse," "The Bible is not a product of divine fiat,"(basically that it is written by man and can therefore be flawed) and other things that completely contradict the Bible...would you feel differently? When you call Rob Bell's church and ask how to become a Christian and they just say "There are many ways" without being specific, it is crazy. Social issues are cool - don't get me wrong. The biggest issue, though, is our sin, and emergents avoid sin and the cross as propitiation for our sin because they feel like it is a bad symbol for Christianity. WHAT??? Doug Paggit said that God doesn't ask us to forgive and then go kick the dog, so why would He forgive and require his own son to die? He forgets Hebrews 9:22: "In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness." But, I guess if you believe God did not fully inspire scripture then it doesn't matter what the Bible says. So then how do they consider themselves followers of Christ? By what they do?

What YOU do will not get you eternal life...It's what HE did.

CindyK said...

Wow. Someone is actually reading this. :)

Hey, if the Holy Spirit has called you to fight them or persecute them have at it.

But the Holy Spirit calls me to love them, and to leave the judging and conviction to him.

You sound pretty angry, or maybe hurt. You can email me if you want, or we can continue the discussion here.

God Bless you!