Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Everyone should be using SpiceWorks. Not only is it incredible Network Management Software, intuitive, and easy to use, but it's also FREE.

The hardware/software inventory aspect of SpiceWorks would be enough for me to encourage everyone to use it, but there is so much more to this free configurable piece of software that I'd have to write a very long article to describe all its benefits. In addition there are community written modules that can be installed and incorporated further personalizing the software.

And the SpiceWorks community is one of the best that I've ever seen online- now we number more than one million strong. There you will find expertise in every aspect of our work in IT - and many are more than willing to share that expertise within the community.

Honestly you can't beat SpiceWorks for Software/Hardware/Licensing/Help Desk Ticket management. And the price tag is amazing: Free.


Anonymous said...

It is good but I find it painfully slow .... is that just me / my box?

CindyK said...

Hrm, do you mean the network scanning is slow? That would depend on your network, and how many boxes you have. The help desk feature is very fast, community loads fast - what part about it do you find slow?

Anonymous said...

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