Monday, May 17, 2010


A beautiful Christian woman with a heart for our Lord sent me an email today. I love her so much!! She was understandably shocked to hear that a movie was coming out depicting Christ and the Disciples as homosexuals. Now the rumor about the movie is false, but there is in fact a play about just this subject called 'Corpus Christi' or the body of Christ.

I do not believe that we should be afraid of this kind of thing. Our Lord isn't. There will always be those who want to mock and deride our beliefs.

Before I was saved I used to get a great kick out of mocking and deriding Christians. Our Lord has forgiven me for that, and I hope you all will too. But that was the enemy talking - I was his child at that point. And the plain and simple truth about that is this: Christians scared the heck out of me!!! Even if they were at times hypocrites somewhere in my deepest heart of hearts I knew that they knew the truth!! So I railed against them, I made fun of them - because it made me feel better on the surface. But deep down I was afraid because all that I was - a sinner living in darkness - would disappear if I dared to believe the truth, and stepped into the light. And I knew I was not worthy of that.

Did you ever wonder why normally opened minded people who respectfully acknowledge all other religions will rant and rave about Christianity? I believe it's because somewhere deep within they recognize the truth and their sinful nature rebels against it.

It was not someone waving a bible at me that showed me the truth. I had seem those people, and I wanted to avoid them at all costs because they made me so nervous. Or if I was in an ornery mood I'd try to engage them in a philosophical conversation with the goal of making them look like a fool.

It was not arguments that made me grasp the truth. It was love that let me slowly open my frightened eyes little by little and to finally see the light and regain my own life! Two people who owed me nothing, who didn't even know me asked me about my beliefs, and told me the story of theirs. And when faced with that kind of unconditional love I could not help but know it was true!!!

I try to remember that when stuff like this happens. The first time I read about this play it ticked me off. I mean honestly, how dare they portray my Savior that way? But then I remembered that the people doing the mocking are actually afraid.

And here is the best news of all: Jesus is using that, using that play to bring that fear to the surface. He's priming them to accept the truth. He is using it for their good. :) I know it.

So we don't have to be afraid about this kind of thing. THEY are afraid. Maybe we can lovingly help them see the truth.

Just my opinion - as always your mileage may vary.


Anonymous said...

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Enid Westerlund said...

Great read and certainly true about those who are afraid as the light always conquers the dark.