Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jeff Deyo

Jeff Deyo - one of the pioneers of modern worship music is going to perform a concert at Allison Park Church tomorrow night: Thursday November 6, 2008, and everyone is invited! The as if this weren't enough to get everyone excited, the concert is also FREE.

I am thrilled for the chance to see Jeff Deyo live and in concert in our own Sanctuary! Jeff was formerly the singer/songwriter for SONICFLOOd on their first two albums. But I didn't know very much about this blessed and talented man until I heard that he was coming to our Church. I would encourage everyone to read this interview with Jeff, as it clearly shows his heart for worship. His music is God-centric, and that's what makes it so powerful and intense.

He speaks about how being a part of a worship band changed his life. How he began to go to work, close the door and sing songs to the Lord - something I can very clearly identify with. Singing to the Lord helps me to remember - as I apply surgery to the days computer - that I do it for God. This gentleman has a heart for the worship of our Lord and Savior, and he gladly shares that with all who will listen! I can't wait to share that with him tomorrow night.

And you're all invite to the concert to help us kick off Harvest Cry!!!

Oh, and please pronounce it DEEyo. *grin*

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